Welcome to Broad Education Staffing... 

We exist to deliver the best quality, long-term specialist staffing service that we can to schools and to our candidates. Our structure is very different to most agencies, so that we are able to deliver a better solution, by design. Our fundamental company principles been created in response to the requests of key stakeholders in temporary education staffing for over a decade. We believe passionately that by always striving to deliver a service with Integrity and to do so with ultimate Clarity, we will maximize the potential for Quality in temporary education staffing Wales.



The shared commitment, dedication and integrity of teachers and support staff are just a few of the key qualities that make education one of the most rewarding areas in which to work alongside equally committed professionals. Being able to overcome the challenges, trials and tribulations of helping children and young people to develop is a big reason why that integrity is often called upon. These values must be shared by the company that seek to find you the ideal role in which to flourish. We will always aim to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism.


At Broad Education Staffing, the aim is always to provide ultimate transparency in everything we do. By providing clarity in our procedures, policies and costs, we allow schools to manage their quality of temporary staffing far more effectively and to attract & secure the most suitable candidates for their roles. Of course, the same clarity also allows our candidates to ensure that their own daily pay rates are always optimised, that their work preferences are understood and matched to offered roles and they can rest assured that the ideal company to prioritise for long term work is Broad Education Staffing.


The 2 most important considerations for choosing a member of temporary staff to work regularly at your school are the safety of the children and the quality of the education and care that the candidate provides. Working with Broad Education Staffing is the ideal solution to your longer term temporary staffing or employment requirements, backed by over 30 years of combined Education & Recruitment experience and built with a clear focus on the quality of the service and assurance of security. We will continue to invest in quality in everything we do in order to ensure that the services and the candidates that we provide are of the highest possible standard.