Why should you choose to work with Broad Education Staffing?

If you’ve done any supply work already, you will know that it can often be a real gamble and hardly anyone gets everything they want – maybe you get a great school, but a poor daily pay rate. Maybe you love the school, the children, everyone you work with, the pay and everything about the job…..except the distance that the agency are asking you to travel each day!

It always makes us laugh when we hear candidates telling us ‘which agency they work for.’ Surely, the whole point is that an agency works for your best interests?

At Broad Education Staffing we work with set, clear administration costs, not variable profit margins. That means that there is no mystery, no ’secrets’, no blurred lines between what we do, what we get paid, what you do and what you get paid. It’s transparent, by design.

That way, you know everything you need to know in order to commit to a school and a role. If things change for you, meaning that you have to change your plans - work with us - remember that transparency? By working proactively together with candidates and clients, we can find a solution to almost any situation that makes everyone happy.

To learn more about how Broad Education Staffing can help you to gain or further a career in education, please use the contact boxes on this page to give us as much detail as you can, so that we can be as informed as possible when we call you back.

Of course, we would also love to hear from you and to gather the same detail in person, so if you would prefer, just call us on 01639 697200 to speak to a long term specialist today